13 Best Ring Lights in Kenya for TikTok, YouTube, and Vlogs 2022

Ring lights in Kenya are the best invaluable and affordable lighting solutions for TikTokers, YouTubers, Vloggers, and occasionally those using zoom presentations as well as any other streamer. However, the best ring lights are now part of everyday life, and you can find them in homes and offices. Most of these lights are cheap, simple, and versatile, yet they make people look so good in videos.

A ring light is usually an arrangement of LED bulbs or a single florescent that provides a flattering quality of light that is best for selfies and videos. The more the number of LEDs a ring light has, the softer and more diffuse the quality of light. This makes it more flattering and reduces the prominence of skin blemishes and spots.

The best ring lights in Kenya allow you to adjust the color temperature to suit different skin tones and lighting conditions. They make your lighting look natural, whether in the sun, the shade, or inside a room. This guide has picked the best ring lights based on reliability, maximum brightness, features, color control, and value.

Best Overall: 12-Inch Ring Light

The 12-inch Ring Light is one of the best ring lights in Kenya that anyone can possess because it does anything you could possibly want. It is very sturdy and reliable and produces very high-quality light. It has the perfect balance of portability, brightness, and price. It is powered via USB and produces a great 12-inch ring light suitable for tiktokers, vlogging, streaming, and even video conferencing.

The best part about this ring light is that it is dimmable so that you can control the amount of light. It comes in three light colors: white, warm yellow, and warm white. It gives a rotation angle of 180 degrees. It comes with a tripod with an adjustable head to find the best angle to capture your photos or perform live streams.


Best for TikTok: 10-Inch LED Ring Light

The 10-inch LED Ring Light is the best simple ring light for tiktok. It is a small, portable ring light that is easy to operate and perfect for people who don’t fancy loud and unnecessary details. Though it is small, it is perfectly a good size for vlogging, TikTok, and other quick and easy uses. It is a dimmable light that is plugged in via a USB. It comes with a 54-inch tripod which makes it easy to get started.

This 10-inch LED ring light is an all-round solid light that will perfectly fit the majority of users. This ring light comes with a wireless smartphone shutter remote, a phone clip, a c-type phone holder, a carrying bag for a tripod, and a cold shoe ball head adapter. Its color temperature ranges from 3200k to 6000k, and it comes with three light modes that are white, yellow, white, and warm white. It does not need a battery and works well with most devices that support a USB port.


Best Ring Light for Livestreaming: 12- Inch Ring Light 

This 12-inch Ring Light  offers three color lighting modes, each with ten adjustable brightness to choose from. This is great in helping you meet all your needs in different circumstances. It is dimmable, making it the perfect daytime lighting that will remove all the unflattering shadows.

The 12-ich ring light comes with a 62-inch tripod stand extending from 17inches to 62 inches. All you need to do is just lock it at the desired length. You can make it stand on the floor or table for convenience. The tripod stand is designed in such a way that you can use it as a selfie stick and a phone tripod. This makes it perfect for live streaming, selfies, photos, video recording, online teaching, vlogging, etc.

It is USB powered and can work with most devices that support a USB port. It is compatible with almost all smartphones with or without a case.


Best Ring light for Content Creators: 12-Inch Ring Light

This 12-Inch Ring Light is designed with pro-level features making it the perfect light for content creators who make videos or stream to YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram. It is one of the best ring lights in Kenya that comes with three color temperatures and ten adjustable brightness levels. Its 50-inch versatile tripod is easily adjustable to allow for a speedy setup. Its ¬ľ-inch screw is suitable for phones, cameras, and webcams. It comes with a built-in bubble level and a 3-way pan head to meet your various streaming needs.

This ring light is USB powered and works with most devices that support USB ports like laptops, PC, USB chargers, AC adapters, etc. It is easy to power on and off, and you can easily switch to the lighting mode you prefer.

The 12-Inch Ring Light has powerful accessories that include a 360-degree rotatable phone holder, pocket-sized wireless remote control, and a small carry bag.

Best Ring Light for Vlogging: LED Circle 12-Inch Ring Light 

LED Circle 12-Inch Ring Light is a 12-inch selfies ring light that offers soft and attractive light with three colour temperatures, warm yellow, daylight, and white, with ten adjustable brightness levels. It reduces the glare so that you can get the perfect light for your videos.

It comes with a 50-inch adjustable tripod stand with an operating height of 15″ to 50″. This makes it suitable for various shooting occasions. Its flexible 3-way pan head provides a suitable and versatile shooting. It’s made of an aluminum-alloy body, making it lightweight, portable, and easy to store and carry.

This ring light is USB powered and works with most devices that support USB ports. You enjoy long moments of using this ring light without the need for a battery. The USB cable is 2 metres long to give you enough space to use it freely. Its smartphone holder is spring-loaded to fit most smartphones with ease.

Best Ring Light for Selfie: 7-Inch Dual Selfie Ring Light

7-Inch Dual Selfie Ring Light comes with three colours lighting modes; warm light, cool white, and daylight. It is perfect for creating incredible images and livestreams for Youtubers, tiktokers, and vloggers. Each of these lighting modes has 10n adjustable brightness to choose from to ensure that you are covered no matter the circumstances.

This ring light comes with an adjustable tripod stand that can be extended between 14.9 inches and 43.7 inches. It can be folded to stand on the table or unfolded to stand on the floor. The tripod stand can be used as a selfie stick and a phone tripod. The tripod comprises weighted iron and non-slippery rubber feet to provide good support.

The phone holder rotates 360 degrees and can hold phones upto 3 inches. Its power supply is through a USB, and its power cord is a whopping 74.4 inches long. This ensures that you can connect to remote devices like PCs and laptops.


Best Ring light for Photography: 10.2-Inch Selfie Ring Light   

The 10.2-Inch Selfie Ring Light is a dimmable circle light and upgraded lampshade with three colour lighting modes: warm light, cool white, and daylight. Each of these modes has ten brightness levels and a total of 30 options to meet all your needs under different circumstances.

The upgraded lampshade is arched to produce a more uniform and balanced light which reduces irritation and protects the eyes. Its upgraded tripod stand comes with Quick-Flip locks to help you adjust the stand’s angle directly. Its weighted base increases stability. The tripod extends between 17.5 and 65 inches and can stand on the floor or the table. It is USB powered and comes with a wireless remote to help you switch lighting modes and adjust brightness levels in a short time. It is the ideal ring light for daily streaming activities.


Best Ring Light for Distant Streaming: 21-inch LED Ring Light LCD Display

The 21-inch LED ring light is equipped with a touch screen panel and LCD. It allows you to change the brightness and color temperature on the touch panel. It has a constant current drive and low power loss. The LCD will display the luminance and colour temperature index to help you operate easily. This is a large ring light that is 21 inches and comes with a sturdy tripod stand. Its LED SMD design produces excellent light that is from 3000k to 6000k colour temperature and 10%-100% brightness adjustable.

The tripod of this ring light is made of aluminum alloy to make it stable. It has an adjustable height that ranges from 31.5 inches to 72.8 inches. You will not need to touch your phone screen when using this ring light because you can take photos directly with the wireless selfie Bluetooth controller. You can control the light using the IR remote controller when you are 2.5 meters away. Using the three hot shoe ports, you can shoot or stream with up to 3 phones.

Best Ring Light with Low Power Loss: 18-Inch LED Ring Light 

This 18-inch LED ring light has a dimmable colour temperature with a dimmable range of 1% to 100%. It is adjustable and can be adjusted to the angle that is perfect for you. It is perfect when it comes to eliminating shadows, adjusting natural light, and balancing light. This ring light comes with a high-quality aluminum tripod and an adjustable base to different angles as required.

Made with a unique LED SMD design, the  18-inch SMD LED Ring Light is lightweight and portable. It gives constant current drive and low power loss. It comes with a sturdy tripod stand whose adjustable height ranges between 36 inches and 78 inches. The stand is made of aluminum alloy and has a stable 3-leg stage design. Its solid locking system keeps all your stuff stable without falling.

This ring light comes with white and orange colour filters to help you quickly change shooting effects like skin tone. Its portable phone holder is 360 degrees rotatable.


Best mid-sized ring light: 16-Inch Ring Light Kit

The 16-Inch Ring Light Kit is a newly launched 16-inch ring light that combines all desirable functions with a smart appearance while providing powerful lighting options. It has an adjustable colour temperature between 3000k and 6000k with a dimmable brightness capacity of 1000lm to 5000lm. This ring light emits less heat which results in efficient energy saving.

With its intelligent control features, this ring light allows you to adjust light settings accurately. You can also switch the colour temperatures and brightness levels via a wireless remote from a distance. Whether you are using your ring light for makeup application, live streaming, or photography, the 16-inch ring light will help you use your smartphones in real-time.

This 16-inch Ring Light Kit comes with an extendable and durable tripod stand that can extend between 17 and 65 inches to fit your desired height. It includes a powerful 360-degree rotatable phone holder for both vertical and horizontal modes. It is compatible with all smartphones and larger devices like cameras.

Best Large Ring Light: 18-Inch LED Ring Light

The 18-inch LED Ring Light comes with a touch panel that helps you change the brightness and colour temperature easily and effectively. Its tripod is made of aluminum alloy, making it sturdy and durable. It has a 3-leg stage design and a locking system to keep all your stuff safe. You can adjust its height to between 32 inches and 72 inches.

This ring light has a LED design which gives off great light ranging from 2900k to 6500k colour temperature and 10%-100% brightness adjustable. It is a user-friendly device that allows you to take photos directly through the wireless selfie Bluetooth controller. You can control the lights through the IR remote controller.

This is the best ring light if you need to stream with multiple phones because it comes with three hot shoe ports that allow you to mount three phones or two phones and one small camera simultaneously.

Best Ring Light for Broadcast: RGB Ring Light 18 inch

This 18-inch Ring Light is an upgraded LED ring light that comes with a three-color stepless dimming. It comes with 23 RGB colourful modes of 2700-7000K, a full-color atmosphere, multi-colour rotation, flicker, progressive breathing, and other combined effects, creating a lively atmosphere. It is the best choice for live broadcast and video shooting.

This is a high-quality ring light that is meant to meet all your needs on all occasions. Its tripod can freely be adjusted from 18 inches to 75 inches. It is made of high-quality metal, which makes it quite stable. The ring light is equipped with wireless remote control and a Bluetooth selfie controller, and you can use it as far as 10 metres to allow you to make videos at the most convenient distance.

Due to its large ring light, it makes your eyes more charming and produces high-quality videos.


Best Ring Light for Phones: 10-Inch Ring Light

The 10-Inch Ring Light is an upgraded dimmable ring light with three lighting modes: white, warm, and natural. It has eight brightness levels, allowing you to easily change to 7 RGB lighting modes by pressing the RGB button. It produces flawless lighting when you clip your phone into the centre of the lamp to present your best in a different environment every time.

This ring light has an adjustable tripod that can be extended from 17 to 59 inches. This helps you to meet your various needs. It is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble. It contains two retractable phone holders and extends up to 4 inches wide. It is compatible with most smartphones. It comes with a 180-degree rotatable ball head joint and 360-degree adjustable led light with a stand so you can freely switch to any angle.



Ring lights in Kenya come in different sizes to meet the various needs of their users. Their prices also differ based on size and specs. If you are Tiktoker, Vlogger, or YouTuber that needs to produce quality videos, consider getting one for yourself. Follow the above guide to determine the best fit for your needs.


Written by Kigen

Written by Kigen

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